The Secret Of Cancer Prevention

Jan 05, 2022
The Secret Of Cancer Prevention

The Secret Of Cancer Prevention

It is well known that the role of a good diet is important in the prevention of many conditions including cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and cancer. Every day new connections are found between the foods we eat and how they can affect our longevity, inflammatory states and predisposition to conical diseases...

Food, in addition to keeping our organs in good condition; plays an important role in the chemistry and genetics of our body. It is understood that our cells have a period of programmed growth and death, and that each organ in our body is replaced by new cells each period of time.

Therefore, we could say that during a year of life our body is in constant physical and chemical change, and we are improving or deteriorating our health with each decision we make. This constant change favors and / or determines important genetic changes that can predispose to mutations that develop in different types of cancer.

That is why good nutrition can stop or keep inactive the so-called oncogenes, mutations that initiate the development of many cancers, including breast cancer.

Food has enormous power in regulating these reactions in our body and support the formation of hormones, neurotransmitters and protective substances that are present throughout our lives.

If it is genetics that has the greatest predisposition in the development of a tumor, the body will first be in charge of naturally reducing the degree of inflammation as well as the progression of new growing cells. And it is here where a diet is represented as a powerful internal weapon not only to prevent but also to reduce and even eliminate the development of these tumors.

For this, there are specific foods that contribute these substances to our natural fuel. One of the most important are the phytonutrients found in most foods of plant origin, and these provide properties to developing cells and the most common reactions in our metabolism.

That is why it is recommended to eat foods of different colors; and it is that the properties of phytonutrients can be classified by the colors that appear in fruits and vegetables.

For example, foods rich in red color such as strawberries and tomatoes have lycopene that protects the heart and vascular system and is related to the decrease in prostate and breast cancer.

Orange foods such as carrots, oranges and pumpkin have beta-carotene with a high amount of antioxidants that protect against skin cancer and are great anti-aging protectors.

Yellow colored foods have lutein and zeaxanthin which is known for its protective effect on the eyes and its antioxidant function. These can be found in corn and cantaloupe.

White foods such as garlic, onion and cauliflower contain organosulfides that protect against infection, reduce cholesterol and the risk of breast cancer as well as promote blood circulation.

And those foods with a lot of blue color like blueberries and blackberries contain anthocyanins that stimulate the brain, have antioxidant functions and prevent urinary system and bladder cancer. Broccoli, spinach, cabbage and lettuce reduce the risk of cancer and strengthen the defenses so important in our body.

So if you want to add or add more protective substances to your body, it is advisable: choose seasonal fruits and vegetables with intense colors, use more fresh herbs to season food naturally, use more fresh and less processed foods, decrease the amount of sugar, processed fats and genetically modified foods and guarantees the presence of 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables on your menu.

The power of a diet with substances that provide phytonutrients to your diet guarantees substances that protect your body from possible changes in the formation of new cells and tissues.

The power of cancer prevention is in the diet, in its variety and in the quality of food you consume. The fight against cancer is multifactorial, but without a doubt we are what we eat, and our body is the product of what we eat. Every day, there is the opportunity to change our physiological states and begin the prevention that is the key to true health.

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