How To Live Intensely

Jan 05, 2022
How To Live Intensely

How To Live Intensely

Throughout our existence we have separated the idea of health, well-being and that inner strength that exists in us. We have heard many times “we are body, soul, mind and heart”; and it is that same heart that connects all these internal worlds that help us to be who we are and to face our lives on a daily basis...

We feel fulfilled when we have all these internal worlds in harmony and we position ourselves as the main actor in our lives and thus experience physical, emotional and spiritual health full of happiness and health.

When there is an emotional imbalance of our inner self; it makes it impossible for the body to coordinate energy correctly and creates alternate sources of outputs to energy points. This has been related to much of the origins of various diseases and physical conditions.

For example, that dissatisfaction or old ways of thinking about failure and abandonment can lead us to channel our energies and increase the risk of diseases such as depression and anxiety. Like the constant force of tension or daily stress leads to the inevitable muscle tension, headaches and predisposition to various chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

It does not mean that these conditions are not organic in origin. However, not balancing that emotional force that is in our mind and in our being increases the possibilities of diminishing our natural physical resistance and creates a constant and chronic inflammation that makes the body sick and becomes an internal negative cycle difficult to recognize and to improve.

Therefore, the physical, emotional and spiritual part must be in complete harmony to achieve radical and complete changes in life and especially in health. You cannot start a medical treatment for an illness or a change of life if you do not also have a positive attitude to look or feel better and experience that the change occurs from the inside and is projected outside.

First, if we want to connect and balance our physical body, let’s start with adequate nutrition with our life purpose. Food that comes from the earth such as fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes and vegetable proteins are essential to restore our body.

The micronutrients and essential amino acids in these foods help us to form neurons and clean substances that promote the transmission of stimuli to our brain and the entire nervous system.

Avoid sugar as a toxic source of the organ, as well as processed foods, artificial colors and sweeteners. These substances bring toxins that affect our metabolism and do not allow the body to innately heal itself.

Physical activity especially in an environment with nature helps us to establish a balance by releasing accumulated energy in bones, muscles and other organs, making it easier to eliminate tension and anxiety better than any artificial drug.

Rest as a means of reinstalling all systems within the body to be ready for the next day. Meditation and breathing exercises are important to release accumulated energy in the body and learn to listen to our body.

Finally, gratitude, as well as serving others, open ways of self-help to channel our energies and reconnect with our being and with other human beings.

Seek to get closer and make the connection between your being, your life purpose so that you can finally find the best way to be happy and healthy. Our body is designed to be healthy human beings and to be in harmony with ourselves and with nature.

The soul knows everything and understands everything from love, and in it there is no anger, frustration, sadness, envy or dissatisfaction. And once we are strengthening the connection with it, our life becomes fuller, calmer, more abundant, more patient with everything and with other people and thus we will be able to establish health in all areas of our life.

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Adamar Gonzalez MD

Dr. in General Medicine

Creator of the Transformation Program

in Health and Nutrition from FitMeD