Christmas & Depression

Dec 05, 2021
Christmas & Depression

Christmas & Depression

Statistically, in these Christmas seasons, most cases of depression, anxiety and sadness occur. And even more after going through 2 long years of isolation where we could barely share with loved ones and where others failed to survive the COVID-19 virus...

An increase in the number of suicides is also observed during these months, especially in older people, either due to loneliness or due to health and economic problems. Or possibly because these dates are loaded with family activities where it is remembered that the family is a fundamental part of our lives.

But curiously, for others, Christmas is a time when we feel happier and full of new goals and dreams. We all start with new resolutions and changes that we want to achieve and we are grateful that we have survived one more year of life. So why is there so much sadness not only at Christmas time but in the hearts of so many people?

Clinically, depression is an illness that is experienced when these feelings of sadness are continually present and begin to interfere with daily life. It occurs at any age and is one of the most common mental health problems in the United States.

Sadness, helplessness and hopelessness appear in the condition and can present an obstacle in life and in relationships with those closest to them. It can appear as symptoms in our body such as physical pain, memory loss and loss of appetite.

It can alter the immune system and lower our defenses against other diseases. And it is highly related to chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or diseases of the nervous system. Chemically it can be measured by chemical changes in the brain that affect the ability to think and act. But like all disease, it has an origin within us beyond an external agent.

Although there is a biological and clinical basis in these disorders, depression is also a response to our thoughts and feelings, which are the responses to what we believe. This is based on the fact that our reality is based on beliefs and learnings many times located in our unconscious and that are manifesting according to our experiences.

We believe that sadness increases and we see it as a giant that crushes us when in fact, if we work within ourselves, we can combat the external effects of the condition. And that is what psychological therapies for this disease are based on, many times in finding the origin of those thoughts and feelings that are what create our reality.

It seems easier said than done and possibly so, but our reality is manifested in our thoughts and in experiencing our feelings towards ourselves and towards others. If it is possible that the degree of the condition is very extensive, it is necessary to use drugs that modify these neurotransmitters, but it is important to study our body and see that other situations could be affecting our mind and our heart.

That is why taking care of our health, especially with changes in diet and lifestyle, makes us see life with another meaning and fills us with the purpose of living. Choosing our reality is as easy as deciding the best, the happiest and the most positive for us.

Filling our life with changes that help us release those neurotransmitters of happiness such as dopamine or serotonin can help us attract so much well-being that it reduces thoughts of sadness and depression. A purpose for our life will give us the light we need to stay focused on improving ourselves and serving others.

Depression as a condition should not dominate any person’s thoughts or decisions. If the day dawns cloudy or if your health does not allow you to carry out your daily tasks, it is the reality that you feel in your present, but also the one that you believe in your heart and that you will continue to create for your future.

That is why for many, Christmas as well as a lifetime is simply one more gift to strengthen your way of living and believing to grow and above all to create new opportunities, changes and better decisions. The mind is not where depression is, but in your heart and in your being, but if it manifests itself in your body and in your brain if we believe what we believe.

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Adamar Gonzalez MD

Dr. in General Medicine

Creator of the Transformation Program

in Health and Nutrition from FitMeD