Because We Are What We Eat

Jan 07, 2022
Because We Are What We Eat

Because We Are What We Eat

We are what we eat, is a popular phrase that we have heard from a friend or brother. However, it is still as certain a reality as that we are alive. The reason is very simple, but at the same time very profound. Each molecule that is present in each bite of food forms an integral and functional part of our body in less than 24 hours after consuming it...

The human being has several types of cells in his body for different vital functions and with a genetically determined lifespan.

For example, skin cells are renewed every two weeks, the red blood cells that are part of the blood do not live more than four months and the liver cells do not spend more than a year and a half purifying our body. So each cell needs a source of energy that comes from these foods and that help us maintain a daily balance and thus maintain our health.

We age because our cells age and die. Many times faster than expected because they are not getting the source of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats they need to carry out their cellular functions properly.

We also see part of this cellular aging by poisoning our body with substances full of preservatives, herbicides or other toxic agents that are found in many foods.

And if it is true, that, although our body has the ability to combat most of these toxic substances, many times the frequency of these pollutants causes the cell to decrease its protection capacity and they become more vulnerable and consequently become ill.

Our body needs essential nutrients found in healthy foods such as fruits, fish, vegetables, and whole grains so that each organ can continue to function healthily.

Thus we will continue with healthy organs such as the pancreas that produce substances that regulate blood sugar, a liver performs its blood detoxification processes and so that our brain cells do not deteriorate prematurely and maintain a healthy memory function.

Good nutrition begins with a correct decision of foods full of nutrients and vitamins that help us each day to be healthy beings in every way. Good sources of fruits and vegetables are essential to begin to change our lifestyles to lasting and purposeful ones. indispensable.

So before eating any food that you know does not contribute anything healthy to your diet, think that each cell is waiting for that source of energy to follow its mission of keeping your body in a constant state of health and thus experience a life full of health and happiness.

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