About Dr. G Family Medical and Wellness Center

A Wellness and Aesthetic Practice & Direct Primary Care located in Orlando, FL

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Dr. G Family Medical and Wellness Center, located in Orlando, Florida, is the first integrative wellness center of its kind in Central Florida. Led by Dr. Adamar González, MD, the center takes a holistic approach to care, addressing the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of patients’ lives.

The practice specializes in three main areas: direct primary care, functional and nutritional medicine, and medical spa services.

With direct primary care, concierge medicine, and telemedicine services, patients can enjoy quality time with their doctor, whether they visit for chronic care management, annual physicals, electrocardiograms (EKGs), or joint injections. 

At Dr. G Family Medical and Wellness Center, you have access to low-cost medications, labs, and imaging, and can get the care you need even without insurance.

The practice integrates functional and nutritional medicine into each patient’s care. Popular services include intravenous (IV) therapy, B-12 injections, supplements, and holistic weight loss. 

The aesthetics services help people look and feel their best. The center offers a wide range of packages for body contouring, cellulite treatments, deep facials, detox wraps, and more. Dr. G Family Medical and Wellness Center uses the latest technologies, including VelaShape® and HydraFacial®. The center also provides dōTERRA® essential oils and LifeVantage® wellness products.

Dr. G Family Medical and Wellness Center aims to provide patients with comprehensive, personalized care that addresses all aspects of their health and wellness. Call the office or schedule an in-person or telemedicine appointment online to get the individualized care you deserve today.